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You’re at the beach in Tulum having tacos and margaritas, reminiscing on your travels around the colourful streets of Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende. All that culture, sound and dance now deeply ingrained in your bones as you wonder how you lived so long without knowing Mexico. It’s here. Bring it into your home – it is yours.

In 2015, Fraser travelled from London to Mexico City for the first time to visit me. Impressed and passionate about the sheer diversity in the capital, he returned to London hoping to add a little bit of Mexican culture to his everyday life. The cuisine and music were already prevalent – but the fashion and style that struck him from young designers in Mexico City was nowhere to be found. 

MEXI.Clothing was born out of love. Fraser and I started working on the brand to bring together what we both held so dearly: our countries.  

The colourful textiles of traditional Mexican fashion and the street style of historic London have never looked quite so good together. The brands we work with, the styles we curate, all come from a place of the tradition of Mexican design.  Be it vibrant socks or a pocket tee sewed by an artist in Oaxaca, everything you find on MEXI.Clothing has been carefully curated for those seeking something unique. 

MEXI.Clothing is tacos and pubs. It’s margaritas and gin and tonic. It’s street fashion and traditional textiles. It’s a brand for all world travellers, whether you’ve done it or you dream of doing it. For those craving to bring culture into their home and lifestyle. MEXI.Clothing was created for you.

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