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about me. 

I've spent much of my writing career staring at a blank page - but when really it drags on is when I need to write about myself. Perhaps it's one of the symptoms of being an introvert, or the talked and discussed impostor syndrome of this era. But here's my best shot. 

I grew up in Mexico City, although I did spend a brief stint living up in the mountains of Puebla when I was a child, which created an unmatched sense of adventure and imagination (when all you have to do is run around the woods, I suppose it tends to happen). When I moved back to the big city at eight years old, with my creative child sense of wonder still bubbling, I unloaded it onto teaching myself how to use design software and writing my own little stories. 

This then translated itself onto screenwriting, which I took on during my undergrad in Media and Communications, where I also learned - through extra-curricular activities - about the wonders of brand-building. My first job was as the first marketing employee at a start-up in Mexico City as I simultaneously started my own brand of Mexican Fashion. 

Since, I've dipped my toe into just about every creative adventure I can think of, focusing mainly on working with small brands that I believe in. In 2019, I moved to London to do an MA in Screenwriting. My job is to create content, be it photography, design or writing - my passion is to tell stories, and I'm here to tell yours, in any way it needs to be told.

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