My story

What I do

I'm Natalia, a 24 year old Communications graduate. I was born and raised in Mexico, mostly in Mexico City and briefly in the north mountains of Puebla state. I moved to London last year to study an MA in Screenwriting from Birkbeck, University of London.


I have always been an introvert, my energy recharges when I sit by myself reading a good book, writing or watching a film. However, I feel like I have a lot to say, and I want to find new ways to say it, to tell stories and to change perspectives. 

For most of my professional career, I have done Marketing. From digital marketing in social media and influencers to designing content and analysing market data. My academic formation has been in storytelling and communicating.

I don't think we're fully bound to one thing, industry or job. I adore aesthetics and there are few things I like more than finishing a written piece, a brand new design or a small illustration.


Most of all, my passion is creating. The satisfying feeling of working hard on something and putting it out there, the adrenaline I get from talking to someone about their own creative endeavours and how we could collaborate.

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