• Natalia Albin

BOOK: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng


A deep, complicated and meaningful portrait of each character plagues the pages of Little Fires Everywhere. The title itself not only references the situation at the start (and end) of the book, but it talks about each of us -and the characters- and how we set little fires everywhere in our daily lives: with every opinion and decision.

The book is a slow burn. It's not fast paced and it doesn't rush through scenes or situations. It's point isn't to show you what is happening now, necessarily, but to make you understand why things are happening at all and why each character thinks a certain way.

Moral dilemmas are constantly at play in the narrative and, frankly, the reader doesn't know where they stand in each debate. There's no black or white, and maybe that's what's needed in the age of social media and "cancelling", something to remind us grey areas are all there is.

While Celeste Ng sometimes struggles to give us a deep portrait of every single person we meet, no matter how unimportant, it’s also a beautifully interesting portrait of a society that felt so self-aware and progressive 20 years ago, and makes you wonder how we’ll see ourselves in the future.

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